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Our Stained Glass Nautical Signal Flag Plaques are sold by the letter ($9.95 per letter ordered). Each plaque comes with an explanation of the International Maritime Signal Flag System and a translation of each letter on the plaque. When placing your order, you have a number of options from which to choose.

First, you can select to have your plaque read either horizontally from left to right or vertically from top to bottom. When making your choice, please note that each letter is 4 inches wide which means that an eight letter plaque will measure more than 32 inches long which may limit your ability to find a suitable place in which to display your plaque. We recommend therefore, that if you are ordering more than 7 or 8 letters that you consider a vertical plaque. In addition to configuring your plaque horizontally or vertically, we can also configure your plaque so that letters are on more than one row. If you would like to arrange your letters on more than one row, use the "Special Instructions" area to explain which letters go on which row. There is no additional charge for configuring your plaque with more than one row. Finally, we add a 1/2" piece of clear texture glass between each letter to separate the letters. We can also add a 2" piece of clear textured glass to separate words at no additional cost. Just add a space between words when you enter the letters you want to have included in your plaque.

Second, you will need to select the type of wood for your frame. Currently we have solid oak for a total price of $15.85 per nautical letter ordered or solid mahogany for a total price of $29.85 per letter ordered. Because oak tends to turn black when explosed to the elements, we strongly recommend choosing mahogany if you plan to display your plaque outdoors.


What would you like your plaque to say?

Please Note: "Quantity" on the next page refers to the number of letters you are ordering not the number of plaques. Changing the "Quantity on the next page may result in an under or over charge.

Select an Orientation For Your Plaque
Horizontal (reading left to right)
Vertical (reading top to bottom)

Select a Frame-- Click on the links below to see an example of each type of framing material
Solid Oak Frame ($15.85 per nautical letter ordered)
Solid Mahogany Frame ($29.85 per nautical letter ordered)
Do you have any special instuctions for us?

Please Note: the Express Mail shipping option on the next page does not include the actual time needed to make the plaque. When requesting express shipping we will make every effort to get the plaque shipped the next day.

The D&D Risk Free Guarantee
All of our Nautical Stained Glass Plaques come with a full 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your Nautical
Stained Glass Plaque, just return it and your account will be credited for the full purchase price including the return shipping cost.

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