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Overall size: 30 1/4" x 4 1/4"
This plaque in a metal frame reads "SCHULZ"
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History of Nautical Signal Flags

The use of signal flags by ships to communicate at sea is commonly traced as far back as the Order of Knights of Malta. Over the centuries, the use of nautical signal flags evolved with many different systems being used by different countries. In 1857 the British Board of Trade published a Commercial Code of Signals in an attempt to standardize these various systems by assigning a specific letter and number to each flag. For example a white flag with a blue square in the center was assigned to the letter S (see photo above) and flag with white on the left hand side and red on the right was assigned to the letter H (see photo above). Eventually this system was adopted by most seafaring nations and became known as the International Code of Signals. While modern electronic communication has largely replaced the use of signal flags today, they are still used today.

Personalized Stained Glass Nautical Signal Flags

Now you can send your own message with a personalized nautical signal flag plaque made out of stained glass. Each letter measures 4 inches square and is cut from sheets of real stained glass and framed in either metal (see photo above) or solid oak, teak or mahogany. Each plaque comes complete and ready to hang on any wall and will complement not only a nautical decor but just about any interior design at home or at work.To place an order select the order tab above, enter the text in the place provided on the Order Form then select if you would like the text arranged horizontally or vertically and your choice of framing. If ordering a plaque framed in wood, you also have the option to have your plaque hang on a wall or stand on a desktop or on in a bookcase.Turn the name of your boat, a loved one or your own name into a colorful work of art. Our personalized stained glass nautical signal flag plaques make perfect gifts for any boating or sailing enthusiast or anyone who loves the sea and all things nautical.

All of our personalized stained glass nautical signal flag plaques are custom made by hand one at a time in our studio in Virginia and come with a 100% 30-day money back guarantee.

A Word About Our Glass

The glass we use is very brilliant and almost completely opaque. This means that your Signal Flag Plaque will look great hanging on any wall at home or in the office just like a painting.

A Word About Our Prices

We have been selling our personalized nautical stained glass plaques since 1999 and during all these years we have never increased our prices. However, shipping cost have continued to increase year after year. While we have no control over what we must pay for shipping, please know that we do not charge for "Shipping and Handling" only shipping. What you pay to have your plaque shipped is what we are charged to ship your plaque to you.

A Word About Our Delivery

Normally we ship the Monday after an order is received. If you need delivery by a particular date, please make note of it in the "Additional Instructions" section on the order form and we will respond if we are unable to make that date.

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